Virtual currencies may not be as safe as you think

Health authorities are warning consumers to keep their wallets in cash.Health authorities are urging people to take precautionary measures when they buy virtual currencies. “People should be aware that they can lose money if they use virtual currencies and that you should keep a safe deposit box and make sure that you don’t lose money because […]

Which Bitcoin and Ethereum are the hottest new virtual currencies?

The two most recent cryptocurrency prices to hit $300 were the Bitcoin futures market and Ethereum, a decentralized cryptocurrency with an underlying blockchain.Bitcoin and Ether, which have become virtual currencies, are currently trading at $300 and $300 respectively.But there’s a difference between Bitcoin and its blockchain counterpart Ether, whose blockchain ledger can be used to […]

A virtual currency is a virtual currency and not an asset

A virtual asset is one that is not owned by a third party.For example, an app that provides a digital currency is not an investment vehicle, according to the Federal Reserve.The virtual currency used to create the currency has no value, because its value has been determined by a computer algorithm that cannot be altered, […]

When You Don’t Know What’s Inside the Game, There’s No Good Place to Look, Here’s a New Way to Invest

When you’re not using virtual currencies, you can use your phone as a virtual cashier, or a virtual card, or even an actual wallet.Here’s how you can buy your favorite games, games with the most microtransactions, and more.1.The most popular games You can buy in the virtual cash register of your phone: The most recent […]

How a cryptocurrency called Fatf-Gafi could disrupt the world of virtual currency by 2050

The first crypto currency, FatfGafi, was launched by Finnish Bitcoiner and Bitcoin enthusiast, Ilka Tufila in January 2017.Its goal was to be the first crypto-currency to become a legitimate money and thus to serve as a viable alternative to traditional fiat currency.Its launch was a massive success and was followed by several other cryptocurrencies, such […]

Singapore’s virtual currency economy to see big growth

Singapore’s first virtual currency startup will make $200 million in revenue this year, according to a report.Singapore-based Digital Currency Group said on Thursday that its revenues in its virtual currency market will reach $200m this year.Digital Currency Group (DCG) said that it expects to make around $300m in revenue from its digital currency business this […]

Which Virtual Currency ETFs Are You Considering?

The following article originally appeared on currencies are among the hot topics in global financial markets and, as a result, investors have been buying and selling virtual currencies like bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin to gain an edge in the volatile market.Some analysts believe virtual currencies could be a more sustainable investment option than stocks, […]

How to use virtual currency training to learn about harassment virtual currency

How do you learn about virtual currency abuse?There are many tools, and I’ve written an entire post about how to use some of them to learn how to spot it.In this post, I want to share how to train yourself on how to detect and report abuse online using some simple tools.First, I will outline […]

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