Month: August 2021

How Bitcoin is reshaping finance and investing: A primer

The virtual currency bitcoin has exploded in popularity in recent years.But what exactly is it, how does it work, and how will it impact financial markets?The first Bitcoin was created in 2009.The first bitcoin is a digital asset that exists independently of any person or company.The value of bitcoin has increased exponentially since then.Bitcoin is […]

/r/bitcoin is about to get real bitcoin cash, the decentralized crypto-currency.

Hacker News user tmcko submitted a thread to the /r-bitcoin subreddit about the impending launch of /rbitcoin-real, a virtual currency which will be launched soon.According to tmcko, /r Bitcoin Real is about a cryptocurrency, called “Bitcoin Cash” (BCH) which will become real currency in the future.The “real” bitcoin is already on the way.“You have been […]

How to use Arti Virtual Currency airdrops to make real money

I have a new app I’m building to let you do real money transactions with Arti.If you’re unfamiliar with it, Arti allows users to create and exchange virtual currencies, or altcoins, for real money.The company offers three different payment methods: Arti Lite, Articl, and Articls.The ArticLite and Artix Lite are designed for Bitcoin.The Lite is […]

When virtual currency becomes a real thing, how can you be sure it’s a good idea?

In April 2017, a virtual currency called “Lazada” was released, which allowed people to send money online without having to have a bank account.The cryptocurrency, which was used by people in the Philippines to buy things online, was quickly dubbed the “digital gold” by the news media.Its rapid rise to fame, and the rapid devaluation […]

If You’re Going To Use Virtual Currencies, Give Them A Name

The Bitcoin and Ethereum virtual currencies have a reputation for being dangerous, but it seems like some of them are actually useful.That reputation is being bolstered by a recent spate of attacks.We spoke with two cybercriminals who have used Bitcoin and other virtual currencies in attacks that have disrupted websites.“The most important thing for us […]

Google says it will not take down GTAV’s virtual currency

A year after its release, the virtual currency craze continues to gain steam.But the search giant is now putting a stop to that.In a blog post, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company will not be accepting GTAV virtual currency anytime soon.Pichie said in the blog post that Google does not accept the virtual currencies […]

How to invest in virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies in Argentina

ARGENTINA — With virtual currencies soaring, many Argentines are looking to invest their money in the digital currency, Bitcoin.But with the price of the currency climbing, and the country’s Central Bank restricting foreign investors from buying it, the Argentinian government has banned foreigners from buying the currency, as it has done with other foreign currencies.While […]

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