Month: October 2021

Indonesia virtual currency price rally reaches a peak

Indonesia’s virtual currency is on the rise, with prices on the country’s virtual market tumbling in recent days.The virtual currency traded at $1,838 per Indonesian dollar on Monday.That was down about $25 from the previous day.The country’s central bank also reported a sharp fall in the price of virtual currencies, and an increase in the […]

Virtual currency transaction report 2016-17: A glimpse into the virtual currency world

A virtual currency transaction can be traced back to a single point of origin and can often be traced to one of a number of different virtual currency platforms.A recent report from the Federal Communications Commission shows that a total of $1.4 billion was transacted in virtual currency in 2016.“Virtual currencies” are the virtual assets […]

US bank to close virtual currency trading account on Thursday

Banking giant UBS is to close its virtual currency account on the Bitcoin exchange platform Bitstamp due to a “high risk” of cyberattacks.UBS said the cyberthreat posed by the virtual currency was “extremely high”.It said: “Bitstamp has taken appropriate and responsible steps to safeguard against such an event.”Bitstamps virtual currency traded for more than $600bn […]

Blockchain startups will be a big part of the future of public finance

Bitcoin is one of the first technologies that has emerged to make it possible for a nation to move money from person to person without needing to rely on banks or other intermediaries.But as the technology’s use expands, it’s also attracting new challenges and potential problems.And in the digital world, that means that governments are […]

How to protect yourself from fake cryptocurrency exchanges

The Federal Reserve is warning banks about the risk that virtual currency can be used to launder money, a growing trend that has caused concerns among investors and regulators.On Wednesday, the Fed warned that virtual currencies, including bitcoin, could be used for criminal activity, counterfeiting, and money laundering.The virtual currency is a new form of […]

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