A cryptocurrency company wants to create an internet of virtual currencies

A cryptocurrency startup in Japan wants to allow people to create and store virtual currencies using the blockchain technology that powers bitcoin.

The company, called aion, said on Thursday it was building a “digital currency” that it hopes will be used to purchase goods and services online.

The cryptocurrency, known as a razer, has already been used to buy virtual goods and is used by the Japanese government to finance projects.

The project aims to create a virtual currency that can be transferred and used by people on the internet.

Its founder, Takao Iwamura, said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that his company’s technology will be similar to bitcoin.

It will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, a computer-controlled platform used to build digital currencies, he said.

It’s hoped to be used as a payment system to help reduce the need for a traditional bank or payment system, and the company’s first products will be able to send money from Japan to other countries, he added.

The blockchain is based on a decentralized, online database known as the Ethereum network.

Its use is controversial, with some arguing that it creates a virtual world where people can exchange information without the need to trust a third party.

Its main advantage is that it is decentralized, with no central authority.

But it could also have drawbacks, as it requires a lot of computing power and can’t be trusted.

It has been used in a number of other applications, including Bitcoin.

Iwamura, a former Japanese police officer, said he had created a blockchain project in 2010 and was looking to do it again.

“A lot of people thought bitcoin was a scam.

But there is no reason why a bitcoin is a scam,” he said, adding that a blockchain has the ability to prove that something is real.”

The razer virtual currency is a cryptocurrency created using a technology developed by the University of Tokyo.”

We will be using a smart contract that allows us to buy things online, and then transfer it to the customers,” he added, referring to the process of purchasing goods and then paying with the money.

The razer virtual currency is a cryptocurrency created using a technology developed by the University of Tokyo.

The idea behind the razer is that people can create their own currency using a simple programming language, using the Ethereum technology.

In the future, the razers could be used in order to transfer payments.

The project plans to launch a mobile app to allow for the creation of a virtual payment system.

The concept of razors, which are a type of electronic coin, is being used by many to create digital currencies and are popular in Japan.

Some razor users are also looking to buy goods and other goods with them, but the razoners, who are able to use their own computers to process transactions, are likely to be more popular with customers.

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