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ATM at least two virtual currencies have been seized

ATMs have been used to buy virtual currencies on ATMs across the globe.The US Treasury Department announced on Wednesday that it had seized a total of nine ATMs from China and South Korea.According to the US Treasury, the suspects used the machines to buy and sell virtual currencies.At least two currencies have now been seized […]

How Bitcoin Will Become the Next ‘Blockchain’ Virtual Currency, Bitcoin 2k19

A new virtual currency that’s a hybrid of the two is expected to hit the market by the end of the year, and is expected be one of the first big blockchain investments.According to Bloomberg, the company behind the virtual currency called BTC 2k is planning to launch the new virtual coin by the beginning […]

Virtual currencies may not be as safe as you think

Health authorities are warning consumers to keep their wallets in cash.Health authorities are urging people to take precautionary measures when they buy virtual currencies. “People should be aware that they can lose money if they use virtual currencies and that you should keep a safe deposit box and make sure that you don’t lose money because […]

New crypto currency: Gaon virtual currency goes up at $0.02 per coin

Now Playing: Bitcoin price reaches a record high on New Year’s Eve, but how can you make a coin work?Now Playing ‘The Next Big Thing’ is ‘the future of cryptocurrency’: Bill Gates Now Playing Who is Bill Gates?Now Being Published: How Bill Gates and Elon Musk are going to change the world Now Playing The […]

How to buy bitcoin on Steam: How to Buy With Bitcoin and Ethereum

Here’s how to buy Bitcoin with Ether and Ethereum on Steam and other crypto-currencies, with instructions on how to get paid in the currency.To get started, you’ll need to download the Ethereum Wallet app on your phone, and sign in with your Ethereum wallet address and password.Next, download the Ether Wallet app, and select the […]

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