Bitcoin hit $1,300 as global frenzy intensifies

Bitcoin has been the biggest rally on the digital currency market since November 2015.

It is still down by about half of a cent but the move by a Chinese company to allow customers to convert their foreign currency into the U.S. dollar and sell it online has sparked a frenzy that could easily surpass the $1.1 trillion market value of the digital cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s rally was driven by a new Chinese company, RoBLOX, that will allow people to buy and sell virtual currencies through its online platform.

The company, which had previously been sold to the entertainment company Dreamworks, has been struggling to maintain profitability and has been trying to attract new customers to its platform.

RoBLox launched in October and since then it has expanded into the United States and Canada.

The $1 trillion dollar market has been fueled by bitcoin’s exponential growth in value.

The digital currency has soared from about $0.0017 at the end of November to $2,400 today.

RoBlox currently offers about 4,000 virtual currencies and $1 billion in currency in circulation.

The company has made several changes to its currency system in the past few months.

It has increased the minimum purchase to $1 and made it possible to sell virtual currency through its site for other goods and services.

The platform also allows users to trade in virtual currency for other currencies.

RoBlock is RoBLX’s virtual currency exchange.

In December, the company introduced a new digital currency called BTC, which has risen from about 20 cents to $10.

In January, RoBlOX launched its first crypto-currency, BitBargains.

BitBars, which are small bitcoin exchanges, also started accepting bitcoins in April.

Bitcoin is currently trading at about $1 million, down from $6,000 at the beginning of the year.

The bitcoin price is also in a downtrend.

But that is expected to reverse as the price of the U, S. dollar, and European Union (EU) currencies recover.

The dollar, which was trading around the $100 mark earlier this month, is now trading around $100 an ounce.

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