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India-US economic cooperation likely to deepen after Congress gives Modi the go-ahead

India and the United States have reached a “historic agreement” to expand their economic cooperation after Congress gave the Modi government the go.A senior administration official told The Hill on Monday that the “historic” agreement would give the Modi administration a way to “unlock the full potential” of the US-India economic relationship.The official spoke on […]

Which is the ‘Bitcoin-in–Free Fall-as–Virtual-Currency’ Definition?

The digital currency bitcoin-in is falling as more investors begin to question whether it is real or a bubble.The digital currency Bitcoin-in plunged to a three-year low Friday, falling from $3,000 on Friday to $2,000 after trading at $3.20 on Friday morning.The decline came amid the broader economic turmoil, which has seen the Dow Jones […]

How to trade virtual currencies on bitcoin exchange and use bitcoin for buying and selling

The virtual currency bitcoin has soared since the U.S. Treasury announced a crackdown on virtual currency in February, reaching a high of $8,200 earlier this month.The currency’s rise has come as governments across the globe have stepped up efforts to crack down on illegal and illegitimate transactions and stymie digital currencies, such as bitcoin.In this […]

Bitfinex’s bitcoin exchange is under attack by hackers

Dibs: Bitfinext is under fire from hackers.Bitfinexes bitcoin trading platform, founded by Bitfinexs co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong, was hacked early on Wednesday morning, the company confirmed.Armstrong told the Wall Street Journal that his company has since been flooded with reports about “an ongoing campaign to disrupt and steal all of our funds.”Bitfinex announced earlier […]

The U.S. virtual currency market is up nearly 15% to $1.25 billion, but bitcoin’s meteoric rise is still in the spotlight

On Monday, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron declared bitcoin a currency and said it is a threat to the nation’s economy.Bitcoin’s price surged to a record high of $1,898.57 on Monday, making it the biggest gainer in the virtual currency’s price history.The surge was driven by the U.KS. central bank’s decision to issue a paper […]

A Virtual Currency For Real Estate is Coming, It’s Called VCR-X

A Virtual currency that can be bought with real estate is about to make a comeback.It’s called VCRX and it could be worth tens of millions of dollars.The virtual currency has been around for some time.It was created by a group of developers who developed a blockchain called Hyperledger.The Hyperledgers are an open source software […]

Del. Brian Andrews says he wants to stop the Fincen crackdown on virtual currencies

On Wednesday, Del.Nicholas B. Andrews (R-D.C.) reintroduced a bill that would prohibit the federal government from seizing, confiscating, or freezing the assets of virtual currency companies, or virtual currencies.Andrews’s legislation, HB 854, was introduced earlier this month.According to the bill, the Fiscen Commodity Futures Trading Commission could not “issue a blanket directive that would require […]

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