Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinapult is adding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its platform

Coinapult, an exchange that specializes in virtual currency exchange, is adding bitcoins and other cryptocurrency options to its service.

Coinapult announced today that it is adding a virtual currency to its services, adding it to the list of exchanges that can support bitcoins, the cryptocurrency used to pay for goods and services.

Coins, Coinapult’s exchange, said in a statement that its virtual currency is “banned” by regulators and that it has no access to bitcoin, the digital currency that the U.S. government has designated as a currency controlled by the U,S.

Treasury Department.

“We’re pleased to add Bitcoin and other crypto currencies to our platform, because we believe the best way to support the digital economy is to provide a service that makes the whole digital ecosystem work, and we think the most valuable way to do that is to offer digital currency options to our customers,” Coinapult CEO Steve Orenstein said in the statement.

The exchange also announced that it will now be accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens for payments, which will be available through Coinapult in the future.

Coins is the largest exchange of virtual currencies in the world, with more than 25 million users.

The company said in an update on its website today that the introduction of bitcoin and others to its Bitcoin exchange is not the result of a merger between the two companies.

“It was originally announced in 2016, and Coinapult has been in business since 2012, so we’ve always had a good relationship,” said co-founder and CEO Justin Shaffer in the Coinapult blog post.

Coinapult launched in August as a decentralized exchange that allowed consumers to trade Bitcoin and Ether and to buy them in exchange for other virtual currencies. “

With the recent launch of Coinapult as an exchange, we will be able to offer the same broad selection of digital currency and crypto currency options as before, while also providing customers with the flexibility to trade and buy bitcoin on Coinapult and the Ethereum blockchain, which we believe will bring new opportunities for the future.”

Coinapult launched in August as a decentralized exchange that allowed consumers to trade Bitcoin and Ether and to buy them in exchange for other virtual currencies.

The new exchange will be accessible on its platform through its Bitcoin and ether wallet, and will feature the popular cryptocurrency, Ether, as a payment option.

The Bitcoin and bitcoin wallet services also now offer the use of Ethereum, the Ethereum digital currency, for payments.

Coinaplex has been working with Bitcoin and blockchain companies including Ethereum’s and Golem, the first decentralized digital currency platform built on top of Bitcoin.

In addition to offering the option to trade Ether and Bitcoin, Coinapix also offers the option for merchants to accept Bitcoin.

Coinaptrix has more than 2,000 bitcoin and ether trading pairs.

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