How virtual currencies are changing the world of sport

How virtual currency, including bitcoin, is changing the global economy.

As a sport, rugby league is one of the most-popular sports in the world.

Its popularity is growing every year.

There are over 300 teams in Australia and New Zealand and around 100,000 fans around the world who follow it.

But with the popularity comes the risks and the risks are there.

The world of sports is a big place.

It’s an ecosystem of billions of people.

There’s no place that’s safe, no place anyone can’t fall into.

So how do you protect yourself against the risks?

The main risks are the risks of cyber crime and fraud, as well as a number of financial and operational issues.

The first is that the way in which a sport is organised is very much a matter of opinion.

There are different ways to run a sport.

There might be a league structure or there might be an all-conquering club structure, where the entire club team gets the chance to be on the field.

There might be different rules in the game and you might have a different way of playing it, which is something that people can debate and they’re probably right or wrong.

I think we need to be careful that we don’t allow any kind of free-for-all in the sport.

That’s the first issue, the risk of free for all in the first place.

The second is the risk that if people lose money they’ll try and do something illegal.

There was a lot of discussion about that in Australia.

That is a very real concern.

We have a lot more money in the pockets of players than there are players around the country.

So if someone can’t pay for their club to play and they try to cheat, that could be an enormous amount of money, as we see with some of the illegal activities that take place in sport.

So it is an issue, but it’s one that we need careful thought about and I think there’s a lot that we can do to make sure that we’re making sure that there’s the safety of all stakeholders as well.

What do you think of the digital currencies like bitcoin and eos?

Should they be banned?

Do you think they’ll be accepted in the future?

Let’s hear your views on this.


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