Microsoft unveils first Windows 10 apps for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows 10, plus Windows 10 Home, in an

by Jason Lott article Microsoft has rolled out two new apps for its Windows 10 Mobile operating system that it says will help users access more than 1 billion of its cloud-based services.

The first of these apps, called Virtual Currency 2k18, is now available for download.

The app lets users easily create virtual currencies, such as bitcoin and ethereum, with one click.

Microsoft also announced that it is adding a new feature that will allow users to “buy” virtual currency with their mobile phone and then transfer it to another person, which will help them send more of the currency to friends and family.

The other app, Virtual Currency 20, is also available for Android and iOS.

Microsoft has also rolled out new app features for the Xbox One and Windows Phone that will let people see how their apps are performing on Windows 10.

The new features are only available for Xbox One users, who are not able to play games on their phone.

The apps also include a “virtual wallet” feature that lets users save their money online.

Microsoft is using the Wallet app on Windows phones to allow users “to send and receive virtual currencies from a wallet on the Xbox.”

The wallet will be available on Xbox, Xbox Live and Xbox One as well.

“With these new additions, we’re making it easy to save your money for any occasion with just a tap,” said Mark Schiller, vice president of Xbox Business Partnerships.

“This new virtual currency wallet will give you the tools to buy virtual currency online, transfer it between friends and make payments to your favorite people.

Microsoft has made a huge commitment to helping millions of people around the world get access to the full power of Windows 10.”

Microsoft also said it is releasing two new “frictionless” apps for Windows 10 that let users access Windows 10 from anywhere, including in their homes or in their cars.

These new apps, “Vocal Hub” and “Vibrate,” are available now for Android users.

Microsoft said these new apps “are designed to be used on your smartphone, and they allow you to communicate and share with your friends and colleagues, all without leaving your desk.”

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