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Which is the best mobile payment platform?

Politico — The best mobile wallet for Bitcoin is almost here!Today, the Verge is rolling out a new article that explores the future of mobile payments.And we’re betting it will be a big one.“The future is not just about the internet, it’s also about the mobile, so you want to make sure that your payment […]

How to buy bitcoin in the US after virtual currency Airdrop 250

The virtual currency bitcoin is currently trading at around $12,000 per coin.With the value of all virtual currencies going through the roof in recent days, some of which are now worth more than $20 million dollars, it has been hard for investors to find a way to get into bitcoin.The digital currency is becoming more […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinapult is adding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to its platform

Coinapult, an exchange that specializes in virtual currency exchange, is adding bitcoins and other cryptocurrency options to its service.Coinapult announced today that it is adding a virtual currency to its services, adding it to the list of exchanges that can support bitcoins, the cryptocurrency used to pay for goods and services.Coins, Coinapult’s exchange, said in […]

When Bitcoin Is Just a Virtual Currency: The Beginning, The End, And The Future

The currency is a relatively new virtual asset, but it’s already been used in real life.And now, the virtual currency is taking off.As Bitcoin is a virtual commodity, unlike gold or other fiat currencies, it can be bought and sold without a bank or central authority holding it.Bitcoin is not backed by any central bank, […]

When a Virtual Currency Is Like a Currency Source Bloomberg title ‘A Real Bitcoin Is Like A Real Currency’

By Michael P. O’SullivanPublished November 18, 2017 09:06:20Bitcoin is one of the most powerful forms of digital money and is the world’s first and most widely accepted form of electronic payment.It’s also one of its most controversial.The bitcoin industry is a fascinating one, filled with entrepreneurs, investors, technologists, and economists.But its reputation as a speculative […]

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