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How to protect yourself from fake cryptocurrency exchanges

The Federal Reserve is warning banks about the risk that virtual currency can be used to launder money, a growing trend that has caused concerns among investors and regulators.On Wednesday, the Fed warned that virtual currencies, including bitcoin, could be used for criminal activity, counterfeiting, and money laundering.The virtual currency is a new form of […]

Why Facebook is launching a virtual currency for its virtual currency users

Facebook has officially launched a virtual currencies product for its users.The company is launching it as an alternative to PayPal, which is currently available only to merchants in the U.S. and Canada.This means that users can now pay with Facebook virtual currency and buy goods and services that use Facebook’s virtual currency like virtual currency […]

How to get more bitcoin? The answer is ‘no’

Virtual currency may be gaining traction in countries like Brazil, but its use is only limited to a handful of countries.As the country’s economy booms and a new wave of digital currency is emerging, Brazil is now the only country where virtual currency can be traded.Read more:What is a virtual currency?The term refers to the […]

How to find out if a virtual currency is real or not in Hawaii

Hawaii is a virtual island with its own currency, the virtual currency.But Hawaii has also been hit with some of the most controversial and damaging tax breaks in recent memory.The new virtual currency tax on the islands was approved by the Hawaii Supreme Court in December and is expected to go into effect in February.The […]

What is a Civic Virtual Currency?

The world of virtual currency is getting ever more complex, with several new virtual currencies entering the scene.It’s also getting more complex for users.Civic virtual currencies are currencies that exist purely for the purpose of using them.These include bitcoin, litecoin, ether, and others.It is possible to create and store these currencies online.These are usually traded […]

How to avoid being a fraud virtual currency system author The Verge title How can you avoid being scammed virtual currency?

The virtual currency network BitPay recently announced a program to help developers and retailers of virtual currency avoid being victimized.The program will let users buy and sell the virtual currency, but only if they have a valid Bitcoin or Ethereum wallet.For now, there’s no way to actually make purchases and sell them.But it could be […]

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