/r/bitcoin is about to get real bitcoin cash, the decentralized crypto-currency.

Hacker News user tmcko submitted a thread to the /r-bitcoin subreddit about the impending launch of /rbitcoin-real, a virtual currency which will be launched soon.

According to tmcko, /r Bitcoin Real is about a cryptocurrency, called “Bitcoin Cash” (BCH) which will become real currency in the future.

The “real” bitcoin is already on the way.

“You have been warned, because the ‘real’ bitcoin will be real and it is already out there in the real world,” tmko wrote.

The creator of Bitcoin Cash, known as “Peter Todd”, has previously warned that it will be very hard for the real bitcoin to be used for payments, and suggested that it would take “several weeks” before the new currency can be used.

In January, the US government began issuing bitcoin-based licenses to some businesses and institutions.

tmico told the subreddit that /rBitcoin-real will be an “experimental” cryptocurrency, which is similar to bitcoin in that it is still very much a work in progress.

The bitcoin creator and entrepreneur, Peter Todd, has previously argued that bitcoin will become obsolete soon and that he will leave the bitcoin system for another digital currency.

The /rBashCoin subreddit is one of the most active on the subreddit.

In a thread posted on January 15, tmiko stated that the “real bitcoin” will not be used as payment for anything, including food or other products.

He also wrote that the real Bitcoin Cash will be “in circulation by the end of this year”.

“The real bitcoin will replace the virtual currency in circulation and it will take some time before it becomes the new payment system,” tmx wrote.

“The only real difference will be in the form of the currency.”

The real bitcoin was launched on January 9 and has been available for more than a month.

“If you are reading this, then you are familiar with the current bitcoin system,” the creator of /R Bitcoin Real, PeterTodd, told Motherboard in a message.

“Bitcoin cash is based on a cryptographic model and it can be exchanged for real bitcoins.”

In a separate thread, the creator also suggested that “virtual currency” will replace real money.

“We have come up with the best name for our cryptocurrency: Bitcoin cash.

You will be able to pay for things with Bitcoin cash,” he wrote.

According a Bitcoin Cash press release, “Bitcoin will be the first digital currency to use blockchain technology to create a fully distributed digital ledger, so that all transactions can be recorded and verified.” tmoco, the Reddit user, wrote that he was excited about the “future” of the virtual bitcoin, which he called “a very exciting prospect”.

“Bitcoin is the backbone of the internet, but it is also the main gateway for criminal activity and money laundering,” tmr wrote.

Bitcoin Cash was officially launched on February 2 and is currently available for purchase in US exchanges.

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