The Bitcoin and Ethereum bubble is about to burst

The Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) virtual currencies are poised to overtake the U.S. dollar as the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the next few months, according to a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

The report, which was based on the financial data of more than 500 investors, showed Bitcoin’s market cap at $5.1 billion in March, up from $2.8 billion at the same time last year.

ETH had jumped to $1.3 billion from $1 billion, the report showed.

The two currencies are both based on a blockchain technology that allows the exchange of information in a secure and anonymous way.

Bitcoin has been gaining steam, surging from $13 in December 2016 to a peak of $2,831 in February.

That was a record, according a Bloomberg report.

But this year, it has dropped back to $11, down from $18.60.

In the past, investors were willing to pay in Bitcoin as the technology’s value has soared, but that is changing, according Bank of Americans Merrill Lynch analysts.

The Bank of Americas analysts believe that the U and U.K. governments will take steps to stop Bitcoin from falling further.

The global cryptocurrency boom is the result of an effort by China to control the virtual currency market.

In the past few months the Chinese government has stepped up its efforts to block exchanges that sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

They have restricted access to the cryptocurrency markets to people and businesses that do not have government backing.

It also banned exchanges from selling Bitcoin and its tokens.

A Bitcoin is a digital currency that is backed by a decentralized network of computers.

It is a form of currency that does not require a central authority to operate.

A transaction in a virtual currency takes place in a digital ledger called a “blockchain.”

The blockchain is a set of computer code that records transactions and transactions records, with the backing of a network of people who all have access to it.

The U.N. Conference of the Parties, an intergovernmental organization that oversees international financial rules, also last week approved the use of cryptocurrencies by nations.

It was the second time this year the U!s Financial Stability Board (FSB) has approved the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

It approved the introduction of the digital currencies of the euro, yen, and pound earlier this year.

Bank of America’s report showed that over the past two years, bitcoin has gained about $9 billion to $18 billion.

The number of cryptocurrency trading pairs on the Bitcoin and Ether exchanges has more than tripled to about 1,000.

In terms of market capitalization, Bitcoin has more investors than all the other cryptocurrencies combined, according the Bank of American Merrill Lynch report.

Ethereum, by contrast, has more trading pairs than all of them combined.

Investors in the virtual currencies include tech companies like Tesla and Netflix, which have invested in the technology.

And they are investing in other virtual currencies like Litecoin, a digital coin that has been trading in recent months on the CoinMarketCap website.

Investments in the crypto markets also appear to be benefiting from a government crackdown.

Earlier this month, the U-S.

government proposed a ban on cryptocurrencies that could result in a major setback for Bitcoin and the rest of the virtual markets.

The FSB issued a warning earlier this month that bitcoin is no longer safe to hold.

It said the digital currency was no longer secure, but did not specify how.

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