The Real Crypto Wars are On, Here’s What They Mean for Crypto Now

The real-world impacts of the crypto-currency craze have already begun.

The latest buzz around the digital currency boom is that the real estate bubble is about to burst.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in Dubai.

The Dubai Monetary Authority announced that the value of the currency, known as DASH, has increased by $150 million since March, a sign that the country’s real estate market is in a bubble.

In fact, the market is expected to expand by a whopping 50% next year.

The real estate boom is also driving demand for Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

That’s where the real-life effects of the craze begin to kick in.

According to the Dubai Monetary Agency, Bitcoin prices have increased by over $2,000 since March.

But the price of DASH also jumped by more than $50,000.

The increase in Bitcoin prices is also driven by a huge increase in demand for the digital asset.

Bitcoin, which is the world’s most popular digital currency, has skyrocketed in value since the financial crisis hit the United States in 2008.

The currency, which uses computer technology to track and record transactions, is now valued at more than a trillion dollars.

But, the value in the currency has been plummeting over the past year.

Bitcoin prices fell by more the $400 billion mark between February and April.

It was down $500 billion in the first quarter alone.

But that drop has not stopped investors from jumping into the virtual currency market.

According to the agency, a total of 8,971,000 people participated in the virtual currencies market in the Dubai market in February, and the number is expected increase by over 10% next week.

The value of DNT has also jumped significantly, from $3.75 to $7.75.

That means that a lot of people are now buying DNT, which can be used to buy real estate.

But, the increase in the number of DTR is not only the result of people jumping into virtual currencies, but also from the increase of demand from the real economy.”DNT is also a symbol of confidence in Dubai, and it is one of the most important currencies in the country,” the agency said.

“This will drive more people to invest in the real asset, which in turn will increase the number in the market.”

There are many factors that are driving the digital-currency boom in Dubai: The popularity of the digital currencies, the growth of the real business and the increase, by far, of demand for real estate has all helped.

The digital-money market is a bubble, and people are rushing into it.

But it doesn’t mean that the bubble will burst.

In a way, it’s like having a balloon.

The real estate sector is a very big bubble.

And because of the bubble, Dubai is going through a lot.

The money in Dubai is the result, of course, of a lot more than just money.

The economy is very strong, and there is also an increase in foreign direct investment.

The money that’s being invested in the property market is not being spent on real estate, which has led to an increase of the price.

According the Dubai Authority, the number and size of new listings in the residential real estate space have doubled in the past two months.

And the average price per square meter has also increased.

The UAE’s real-estate market is now a bubble of real estate and the government has tried to slow down the boom, by imposing restrictions and curbing the amount of new development.

But there is still a lot to be excited about in the future of Dubai, especially with the realty boom expected to continue.

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