Virtual Currencies, Virtual Coins Are Frauds! | NBC News

If you thought the virtual currency craze was about taking on the government, think again.

It’s a new form of fraud, which has led to a virtual currency crash in the United States and a crackdown in other countries.

It also could force the U.S. to take action against people and businesses that engage in virtual currency fraud.

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We’ll get the law on the books.

That’s what the SEC is supposed to do,” said Jim Harper, a former SEC commissioner who is now a partner at the law firm Morgan Lewis.

“They’re supposed to be a regulator of the marketplace.”

The SEC announced last week it would begin a new phase of enforcement that will target virtual currency investors, businesses, and individuals who operate in the virtual economy.

“We’re going to be targeting people who are making money off the Internet through virtual currencies,” Harper said.

“This is what the Internet is all about.

We’re going after these people.”

In addition to targeting virtual currency exchanges, the SEC will also look into whether companies are facilitating virtual currency transactions in the U: the SEC said it would target companies that facilitate virtual currency trading and how virtual currency is being used in online gaming.

“In some cases, this will involve criminal investigations and criminal sanctions,” the SEC’s statement said.

It is not clear if any of the SEC has launched any such criminal probes.

The SEC also said it will take legal action against those who are violating laws governing virtual currency.

“The SEC is committed to working closely with state and local governments and regulators to address virtual currency concerns, and will continue to aggressively enforce the laws governing financial technology and financial services, including laws related to money transmitting, and cyber-security,” the statement said, without providing further details.

A recent survey of more than 3,000 financial institutions found that the virtual currencies market has more than doubled since the U, and the market is expected to grow by $2.2 trillion by the end of 2020.

However, it is unclear how the SEC would target such a new phenomenon.

“It’s hard to imagine any particular government agency that is going to target this, so that’s a bit of a challenge,” said Robert Rector, an analyst with the technology advisory firm 451 Research.

“If you had to make a recommendation to the SEC, would you target it?”

The SEC’s actions could also lead to a surge in virtual currencies trading, according to Morgan Lewis partner and former SEC enforcement officer Robert Kull.

“As the virtual bubble pops and then people start getting scared, the price of bitcoin starts going up,” he said.

Bitcoin is the digital currency that has been gaining popularity as a way to circumvent the traditional financial system.

According to Kull, the rise of bitcoin was fueled by the rise in demand from China, where the currency is widely used as a form of payment.

In January, the Chinese central bank banned cryptocurrency exchanges, effectively ending virtual currency operations in China.

The government also said that bitcoin’s price rose to $2,600, from $500 in mid-January.

The price of a bitcoin is determined by its supply and demand.

According the website CoinDesk, the number of bitcoins on the bitcoin market peaked in January at about 1,100,000.

“Now that there’s a lot more demand, it’s going to go even higher,” Kull said.

As more people start using the currency as a payment method, it will likely be more popular, which could increase the amount of money being moved into the virtual markets, Kull added.

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