What are the most common forms of harassment faced by the cryptocurrency community?

Bitcoin users and supporters have expressed concerns about harassment and harassment threats online.

On Wednesday, a Reddit user who goes by the name ‘Sylvie’ posted a message to a subreddit called ‘Bitcoin Forum’, in which she described an incident in which her mother had to flee her home after a Bitcoin user called her a “cuck”.

“My mother was called a cuck by a Bitcoin User, who then took it out on my mother, her dog, and my sister, and also on me,” she wrote.

“I will post this as a private, anonymous post.

She told me she had a boyfriend, and that my mother had a ‘boyfriend’.” The message went on to detail a conversation with the Bitcoin user where the Bitcoin supporter said “the guy who called her [my mother] a cucker was not a good man”.

She wrote: “She was crying that she would be kicked out of her house if she didn’t pay him back.

I had to leave my house to get to the hospital because he had threatened to kill my mom if I didn’t stop him.” “

Then the guy called her ‘cuck’ and started calling her a c***, saying ‘you don’t deserve to be called that, you’re not a c**t, you don’t know what you’re talking about’.” She continued: “He also said ‘you have no balls’ to my mother and then called her c*** for leaving her house.

I had to leave my house to get to the hospital because he had threatened to kill my mom if I didn’t stop him.”

After she left the home, she went to the local hospital where she met with the police, who helped her recover.

A Reddit user named ‘Himby’ responded to the message, and asked, “what are the worst cases of harassment and threats faced by Bitcoin users?”

“I know it sounds like a lot of people, but I think it’s because of the ‘cucks’ that have a lot to hide from,” she responded.

Do you have any experiences?” “

What do you think of harassment in the Bitcoin community?

Do you have any experiences?”

“It can be really frustrating because it doesn’t happen all that often, but there are definitely instances that have happened,” said Himby.

“People who are in Bitcoin are the same people who want to be involved in Bitcoin, they just can’t because of politics, money, or the fact that they don’t feel like they’re safe in Bitcoin.”

The harassment is particularly prevalent on social media, where the community is known to use anonymity and hide behind pseudonyms.

“Some people feel that Bitcoin has become so mainstream that people are afraid to speak up because they’ll get called a ‘c*nt’ and even ‘a cuck’ for it,” said Hehby.

The user who wrote the message was ‘sylviesbabe’ and it has since been removed.

Hehbys mother, who went by the username ‘Duckie’, was able to recover from the ordeal, and posted a response on Reddit.

“My mom was very upset.

I was the one that she felt was the target.

I feel that the harassment and stalking has been going on for a long time,” she said.

“She has a lot in common with me, so we have a similar experience with it.”

The Reddit user said that she and her family were aware of the issue and that they had been called ‘c**ts’, but were also wary of speaking out because they are not comfortable being associated with it.

“We have been very scared of speaking up about it and it doesn, too, feel like we are a target,” she added.

“If people can’t handle that, then we feel like that’s not fair.”

When asked what she thought of the community’s response, she responded, “they don’t seem to care.

They are just as guilty as me and they can’t help it.

The community just doesn’t seem that concerned about it.

It’s not something that they want to talk to.”

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