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The word “virtual” is all the rage right now, and it’s because of a new startup called BitPesa, which is trying to help people buy and sell digital currency.

It’s like a way to “buy” and sell virtual currency for real money, in which the seller pays the buyer with a small piece of a virtual currency called “gas,” which is used to buy goods.

For instance, if you wanted to buy some digital currency, you could buy gas and then pay with Bitcoin to buy it, or you could pay with BitPESA and buy gas for Bitcoin, which would be more efficient and less risky.

There are a lot of things that make BitPassees unique, but the biggest one is that it’s the first to use an exchange-traded fund (ETF) as a store of value.

That’s a fancy way of saying it’s a storehouse of value, so you could trade your gas for bitcoins, for instance.

BitPasa also has a new feature that lets users buy and trade “gas” directly from the site.

That allows them to do things like buy an Apple iPhone with Bitcoin for $200 and sell it for $50.

That sounds like a lot, but it’s actually a lot less expensive than buying it through an exchange.

If you buy an iPhone for $500 and sell one for $400, you’d actually save a lot more.

That makes BitPases pricing model cheaper than some of the big exchanges.

That also makes it easier for people to use BitPasses.

For example, the exchange-rate feature lets users trade a certain amount of bitcoin for a certain number of gas.

If the exchange is cheap, that’s great.

But if the price of gas is high, people will trade for the gas as if it were $50 and then go sell it to buy more gas, which will result in a loss.

Bitpasas price is a bit more stable than the other exchanges because it’s based on a formula called “hash rate,” or the rate at which coins are created.

If someone buys a bitcoin, they’re not going to lose money, but if the market price of a bitcoin is $500, you’re probably going to have to trade for $100 gas for it.

So if you have a big amount of gas, the price can drop a lot.

And it also makes Bitpases price more stable because you can trade in increments.

That way, you can buy something in increments, which means you can take a day off work and go buy more of it for a day.

Bitpasas has a price cap of $500 per transaction, but that’s not quite enough to prevent people from losing money because they don’t know what the right price is.

If a person doesn’t know the right value, they can buy it and then sell it, because they can’t know it’s $500.

But that’s fine, because it only takes a few hundred dollars to buy an ounce of gas for $1.

And since you can’t sell gas, you don’t have to worry about it.

Bitpay is the name of the new company that’s backing BitPacas.

It launched in February with $10 million in venture capital funding, and the company has about 20 employees and is planning to hire at least 50 people over the next few months.

The company is launching a new platform for buying gas, called Bitpay, which allows users to buy gas using a bitcoin wallet, or Bitcoin Cash.

BitPay is currently the only way to buy and buy virtual currency in the United States, though it plans to expand to other markets soon.

But while BitPay and BitPisa are trying to make it easier to buy bitcoins, BitPás is doing it with its new platform, and I asked if the company plans to sell gas for gas.

Bitpaese CEO Alex Pappas said: We’re looking at different models.

In the first model, you buy a lot gas and sell a lot at the same time.

So in that model, we’re looking for people who want to sell a few gas for more gas at the market rate.

In that model we are also looking at a kind of gas trading, where you buy gas with bitcoins, but you trade them in increments as well.

In addition, we have a very flexible model that allows us to allow the buyer to pay with bitcoin, for example, if they want to buy $100 more gas and want to pay in bitcoins.

It also allows for transactions to be done on a blockchain, which makes it much more resilient.

For some of these models, like buying gas and selling gas, it can take up to an hour for the buyer and seller to agree on a price.

For gas trading and gas purchases, we’ll be able to process the transactions in less than one minute, Pappasa said.

In terms of Bitpas, the company is planning

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